List of Markers in McCortney Graveyard

Anna Ross Robie Ross
17 Nov 1878 9 Mar 1880
1 Jan 1879 5 Jun 1880
Children of J[ames] and Isabelle [McDonald] Ross

Martha A. McCortney
23 Sep 1854
2 Jan 1875
Wife of Martin

Matey E. Riden
20 Jan 1878
17 Apr 1882
Dau. of J.[ames] and D.[orcas] E.[Elizabeth]
"Gone but not forgotten"

Daughter of James and Dorcas McCortney Riden

Cythia A. Teasley
12 Oct 1832
31 May 1888

John A. Teasley
28 Aug 1864
25 May 1888

James Madison Williams
July 18, 1850

This markerwas found under a downed tree and layers of leaves. It is a sandstone field stone and the inscription was scratched in the rock with a sharp object (nail?). This is the oldest stone found so far and is on the highest point of the graveyard, somewhat alone. I believe James is the son of Meredith and Comfort McCortney Williams. Not listed.

Christena Davis
29 Apr 1821
10 Mar 1887
"Come poor sinners Christ invites you to patake his offered grace"

Dan M.
Husband of Christina Davis
Oct 18, 1816
Sept 18, 1878

Notice that Christina is spelled differently on the two stones. This broken stone was found under several inches of debris. Not listed in Tombstone Inscriptions of Pulaski County.

Husband of Sarah Wagoner
Sept 19, 1817
Apr 11, 1878

Not listed.

Virginia E. Warren
9 Dec 1848
12 Nov 1878
Wife of R.
Lewis E. Warren
21 Mar 1881
3 Sep 1881
Son of R. & N. J.

Both in same grave

Blanche Warren
23 Sep 1909
15 May 1913
Dau. of Jesse & Leona

Robert Warren
15 Nov 1849
21 Aug 1909
Born in Overton Co. TN
"Gone but not forgotten"

Nancy J. Warren
15 Mar 1851
25 Dec 1915
Wife of Robert

Mary J.
Wife of 
W. W. McDonald
Oct.22. 1831
Jan. 24., 1849
Nov. 25. 1878.

We have identified 49 other gravesites thus far. These graves are marked with field stones and bear no inscription (with the exception of the James Madison Williams field stone marker).