The Pulaski County Courthouse burned in 1903 and many records were lost. Some titles and boundaries came into dispute and testimony was taken from knowledgeable persons. The following affadavit was given by James W. Riden (1851-1928) and is included in the title abstract to the old McCortney property that includes the mill spring. James Riden married Dorcas Elizabeth McCortney. The affadavit was taken by Ruby Reed, daughter of George M. Reed (1855-1938), Waynesville attorney, who, incidentally lived next door (south) to the Old Stagecoach Stop. This document was a good early source of information about the McCortney and McDonald families.



Affidavit of James Riden

On this 17th day of March AD 1922, before me personally appeared James W. Riden, who being by me duly sworn according to law makes oath and says: That his age is 70 years, that the statements concerning the heirs of William R. McCortney and Alexander McCortney are based partly on family history and facts set out in an old family record, now in possession of Affiant's wife;
That William R. McCortney and Peggy McCortney, his wife, both died prior to the Civil War and left surviving them as their heirs at law and legal representatives, the following;
Elma, a daughter, who intermarried with C.C. Guffey;
Mary Jane, a daughter, who intermarried with William McDonald;
John McCortney, a son, who died many years ago and left surviving him, two sons, viz: H. McCortney and John McCortney. Affiant state that there was a McCortney girl who intermarried with a man named Carvell (he does not know the girl's given name), but he has always ben under the impression that this Mrs. Carvell was a daughter of John McCortney and a granddaughter of William R. McCortney; he is informed by the abstracter that e deeds and the title to the William R. McCortney land indicate that this Mrs. Carvell was a daughter of William R. McCortney but the Affiant cannot state positively whose daughter she was.
James McCortney, a son
Joshua, McCortney, a son

That Alexander McCortney died December 1, 1862 and his wife, Emily McCortney, March 3, 1864 and that said Emily McCortney was the second wife of Alexander McCortney, that Alexander McCortney left surviving him as his only children and heirs by his first wife the following:
Comfort, a daughter, who intermarried with Meredith Williams,
Mary B[elle], a daughter, who intermarried with William K. Huff,
Nancy, a daughter, who intermarried with James Wilson,
Sarah, daughter, who intermarried with Jacob Adams,
that Alexander McCortney left surviving him as children and only heirs at law by his second marriage the following named:
Frances, a daughter, who intermarried with James Springer,
John McCortney, a son,
Marion McCortney, a son,
Martin McCortney, a son,
Dorcas E., a daughter who intermarried with this Affiant,
Emily McCortney, a daughter,
James McCortney, a son

Affiant further states that John McCortney, Marion McCortney, Emily McCortney, and James McCortney all died without issue and that neither of them were married at the time of their death. Affiant further states that Frances Springer died sometime in the early sixties, about the same time as the death of her father, Alexander McCortney, and that the said Frances Springer left surviving her as her only heir and legal representative, a daughter, Nancy E. Springer; that the husband of Frances Springer died in the Army a short time prior to the date of the death of Frances Springer. Affiant further states that Meredith Williams died prior to March 16, 1867, the date of deed from Comfort Williams to Richard Miller and that said Comfort Williams was a single woman on March 16, 1867.
Affiant further states that James Wilson, husband of Nancy Wilson, died prior to March 21, 1867 and that Nancy Wilson was a single woman on said date. Affiant further states that he was personally acquainted with William W. McDonald, who intermarried with Mary Jane McCortney, that the said Mary Jane McDonald died prior to the year 1886 and that she left surviving her as her only heirs and legal representatives the following:
William W. McDonald, her husband
Isabella, a daughter, who intermarried with J. H. Ross;
Olivia J., a daughter, who intermarried with A. S. Sneed;
Jennie D., a daughter, who intermarried with J. H. Prewitt, and;
James T. McDonald, a son.

Further this Affiant sayeth not.

James W. Riden

Subscribed and sworn to before me day and year first above written.

My commission expires April 14, 1924.

Ruby L. Reed
Notary Public