OSS Current News

Following are topical news items about the Old Stagecoach Stop Foundation's activities

2018 Christmas on the Square

This year's Christmas on the Square on December 6 was another success for the Old Stagecoach Stop Foundation and the sponsor, the Waynsville Downtown Business Association (WBDA), of which the OSSF is a member. The WBDA did an excellent job of organizing the festivities and vendors lined three sides of the square. If you did not attend, you missed your chance to pose with Santa Claus at Security Bank or the Grinch at the courthouse, if that more suits yor spirit.

The holiday spirit abounded at the Old Stagecoach Stop where holiday dulcimer music filled the air, refreshments could fill the stomach, and 647 guests crossed our 164-year-old threshold. Herewith a few scenes:

The building all aglow.


2018 Old Settlers Day

For the second year in a row, we had very favorable weather for Old Settlers Day - moderate temperature and low humidity. At the Old Stagecoach Stop, we had a return visit by David Chuber, retired historian at Fort Leonard Wood. Mr. Chuber provided interpretive insight into Civil War medical knowledge and practices. Mr. Chuber charmed and informed audiences through out the day. His full table of medical instruments and potions provided much history and many stories.



Gary Knehans Day

The Old Stagecoach Stop Foundation hosted an open house to honor and express appreciation to Gary Knehans on April 29, 2018. Gary has been a friend to many and the broadcast voice of the community since 1963. Yes, that is a local broadcasting career of 55 years and counting. Early arriving well-wishers met Gary in the Tavern (above left) and signed the Guest Book. Movement continued to the 1915 Kitchen where a table of light refreshments and drinks were available. Warren Goforth (right), daytime broadcaster with Gary, presented Gary with a vintage KJPW table banner from the "early days." KJPW went on the air on Route 66 in St. Robert on April 1, 1962. Pictured on Gary's right is Mike Edwards, station manager. The crowd moved to the backyard where Representative Steve Lynch (top on right) presented Gary with a Missouri House of Representatives Resolution highlighting many of Gary's achievements. Waynesville Mayor Luge Hardman also spoke and presented Gary with a framed picture of the town clock. KJPW also originated the Old Settlers Gazette in 1982. When the station decided to cease its production of the tabloid for 2004, Gary suggested that the Old Stagecoach Stop Foundation take over its publication. For this the Foundation is very grateful.