This may be the best extant view of the Lone Star Mill on the Big Piney River, near Houston, MO. At about this time, the mill began generating electricity a few hours a day for nearby Houston. Owned by a local doctor, it was operated and maintained by Fred Dablemont, who, with his family, lived on the premises. The dam was made of vertical logs and rocks. Although responsible for the mill, Fred Dablemont saw himself as a riverman. He hunted, trapped, fished, and frogged the Big Piney environs. Fred also built john boats and guided big city sportsmen on float trips. For accounts of adventures on the Big Piney and some local history, see several of the books written by Larry Dablemont, Fred's grandson (e.g. Front Bench Regulars, Ridge Runner). Larry's outdoor column appears in a dozen or so Ozark newspapers. The mill building no longer stands but the fouindation, raceway, gate, and other structural remnants are still visible on the banks of the Big Piney, a couple of miles south of Dog's Bluff.

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