1915 Kitchen



This is the largest room in the building. It has been restored to the era of the Black Hotel, 1894-1915.





The floor in this room was in the worst shape. Several log joists were rotten on the ends and didn't touch the sill log. Literally, the floor was holding up the joists. These were repaired and a new tongue and groove floor laid. This is the only room where you aren't walking on the original floor boards.




Water service was restored to the building, which had been absent for almost 40 years. The building didn't originally have running water until 1946.



The back wall was insulated and covered with drywall, the only drywall/insulation in the building. Baseboard heaters were installed to provide a warm hospitality room for cold weather events. It is a welcome haven to many visitors during the Christmas Parade and Christmas on the Square events. The free hot chocolate and food served may be a factor, too.



The walls and ceiling are covered with wallpaper as was typical in 1915 (by the Wallpaper Women; you have seen them before). During restoration, we have found as many as eight layers of wallcovering in some rooms.




A wood burning stove, Hoosier Cabinet, work table, as well as tools from the period provide visitors with a look of a working hotel kitchen during the early part of the 20th century.





The large oak kitchen table is set with period dishes and flatware. Other kitchen utensils of the period are at hand, as if ready to be used by Eliza Black for preparation of one of her wonderful meals.