September 10, 2004

It's been three years since the last entry regarding the progress of the gravyard restoration project. It's not the case that nothing has been going on but progress is slow. The students are no longer involved and their numbers and industriousness is missed.

The past three days have been spent picking up debris (many downed limbs, both large and small), mowing, and weed whacking buckbrush.

While cutting the yard, several more likely gravesites were found, which brings the total to sixty-three. Most importantly to us, we may have found the grave that led us to this graveyard in the first place in 1996, the resting place of Mary Jane (McCortney) McDonald (see Background entry).






This was the position of the footstone when discovered although it was mostly covered with grass and dirt.










This is the footstone when is was uncovered and set upright. The initials "M.J.M" were a big surprise. The location is in the Warren family plot, next to Virginia and Lewis (buried in the same grave). Virginia also died in 1878.