Audio Tour Stop 12

This stop at the stop sign at the junction of Teardrop Lane (out of Devil's Elbow) and the new four-lane is primarily one of getting directions for the next stop. There are two noteworthy roadside artifacts here I did not point out, not wanting to pause too long at the stop sign.

Just before you approach the stop sign, on the right is the Grandview Apartments and Trailer Court. Around 1932, Ernie and Zada built a rock filling station, lodge, and cabin complex and affixed their initials. They are said to have come from Chicago to open a small business in semi-retirement but about worked themselves to death keeping up the lodge. By 1950 Ernie and Zada had sold out and the E.Z. Inn had become Oak Park.
At the stop sign, look across the new four-lane and somewhat to the left. You will see the back of a white Permastone building. The McClary family built the Devil's Elbow Motel around 1950. It was the modern version of the auto camp: each "cabin" had a common wall with another, reducing building costs. When Interstate 44 bypassed this section of Route 66 in 1981, the motel, like the Oak Park Cabins, no longer had tourists to cater to but became rental property. A better look at the front of the motor hotel can be had on the way to Stop 14.

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