Audio Tour Stop 15

This last stop on our tour has some national and local significance. Laughlin Park was a camp site on the Trail of Tears in 1837 and 1839. During the Civil War, the Union Army built a fort (left) atop the bluff the rises above the spring and watered their horses in Roubidoux Creek.
Also located in the park is Roubidoux Spring, known for most of its history by local folks as the Big Spring. The spring was bought by the city at an auction on the courthouse steps in 1909 for $200. The picture at the right was taken in 1907 before the city purchased it and the concrete retaining wall constructed. Divers come from around the midwest to explore the underwater cave that starts in its rise pool. People also come to fish for the stocked trout in the spring and the creek downstream.

We hope you enjoyed your audio tour of Pulaski County's Route 66 and that these images enhanced that experience.

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