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Charley Ray's Gift Shop, on the south side of the old road in Hooker, carried a full line of Ozark souvenirs: baskets, chairs, stools, and pottery. The middle room of the building was the store. The west end was the kitchen and the east end was the bedroom. To the right was the Cities Service gas pumps and service pit.
Ray's also had three one room cabins for rent. The large black and white objects in the yard are free ranging chickens. The camp had a drilled well, pump, and camping area.
Gan's Gift Shop was next door, to the west. Like Ray's, Gan's wares are out for passersby to see, advertising chairs and stools for 50 cents each. The rivalry between the two souvenir stands led Charley Ray to erect a wooden wall between the two, blocking the view of Gan's for westbound tourists.

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