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Standing elegantly next to the Hooker Cemetery is the Hooker Churchl. Before the four-lane bypassed the small community of Hooker, this church and school stood on the other side of the gravel road. It was moved by the community to avoid being razed for the new highway.
One of the first businesses on the original road in the Hooker community was Wells Station, built by Squire and Anna Wells. They had three sons and a daughter. Two of the sons went into businesses on Route 66. Sterling Wells, one of the sons, spent a lifetime in business at various locations on the road.
  Down a bit from Wells Station and also on the south side of the road was Fancher's tourist stop and post office. Displayed were the usual souvenirs, supplies, plus a free campground.


Nearly opposite Fancer's and on the north side of the old road was a very early stop, O'Dell's Grocery and Lunch Room, featuring Red Crown gasoline. The building on the right later became Carl Becker's basket shop.
At the end of the stretch recognized as Hooker was Barton's Valley View, made of cobble stone and covered with ivy. It's location was where the sawmill stand today, visible from I-44. Longtime resident Sharlotte Shelden Smith remembers, "It was a really pretty place.They had groceries adn you could sit at the counter and have a cool soda, dish of ice cream, or a bologna sandwich." There were also three rental cabins.

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