1950s Room

This room reflects the most recent era of use of the Old Stagecoach Stop before it became vacant in the early 1960s. The room has been restored to an aparment in 1955.


This room was perhaps the gloomiest room in the building. Remaining patches of wallpaper were stripped and missing boards replaced.




The ceiling was covered with painted beaverboard which had been stained and cracked by a leaking roof. A college student on Spring Break lends a hand with some neck breaking work.



This room had no electric outlets. In fact, no room had any electric outlets. Any small appliance used would have to be plugged into the single light fixture in the ceiling. We knew, for our modern purposes, we would need several outlets in this room. We also gained access to crawl spaces from this room to rewire the ceiling outlets in the other rooms.


The wallpaper ladies are at it again. The walls were covered with period appropiate wallpaper. The ceiling was painted its original 50s pink. The 50s ambience is increased by blonde furniture and period radio/record player.





Although we prefer you not take a nap on your tour, if you were renting this room in the late 50s or early 60s, it would cost you $25 a month plus utilities. Your time with us is free.







Other period pieces include a radio, games, and glassware. You might even hear one of the popular songs from the 50s playing on our vintage record player.