G. E. Ingram Photo Gallery

George Edward Ingram (1889-1978) was an early 20th century photographer in Phelps County. Edd lived near Edgar Springs and photographed hundreds of people and locations in Phelps, Dent, Texas, and Pulaski counties. Edd also spent some time behind his camera in Oklahoma.

Approximately 1,000 prints and one glass negative have suvived in the care of the family. The 297 images in the G. E. Ingram Photo Gallery are those photographs that we could, in some way, identify. It is believed that the vast majority were taken between 1907 and 1917. They are not retouched. For more biographical information on G. E. Ingram, see the 2009 Old Settlers Gazette article "George Edward Ingram, Local Photographer".

We are grateful to the grandchildren of G. E. Ingram for sharing the photographs with us. They are: Orval Kohenskey, Henry Kohenskey, Clyde Kohenskey, Bobby Kohenskey, and Ruby Kohenskey Curtis.

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