After the missing chinking was replaced, the remaining daub was checked for soundness. The daub that was loose was removed. A mortar mixture was then prepared and volunteers applied it between the 150 year old red oak logs. This chinking and daubing repair was also done in the McDonald Cabin.






The old daubing style was followed in the application of the new mortar. Much of the original whitewash remained on the logs. Volunteers were careful to leave the whitewash.





The fireplace, which had been filled with stones some decades before, was cleaned out and the hearth reconstructed.






After several months of work, the stagecoach stop tavern was ready for visitors. Many items have been added since the restoration work in 1997.





This bootjack is one of the vintage items that helps the visitor get a glimpse of 19th century life on the frontier. A Tour Guide gives you a sense of riding a Southwestern Stage Lines stagecoach.