Waynesville Square

The vintage images listed on this page are of and near the Waynesville Square from circa 1887 to the early 1950s. These views are particularly appropriate in this collection since the Old Stagecoach Stop has stood on the east side of the town square since the early 1850s. It has witnessed all of the changes in the past century and a half. The road on the south side of the square has been known as the Osage Trail, Wire Road, Commercial Street, Highway 14, Route 66, and now Historic Route 66. The building itself has not changed much since its expansion to two stories in the 1870s. The names of the OSS include the Waynesville House, Black Hotel, Tourist Inn, Tourist Hotel, and, in the 50s and early 60s, simply the "old hotel."

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Aerial of Town Square, circa 2000

Baker Hotel, circa 1920

Baker Hotel, circa 1930

Bank corner, circa 1925

Cat's Place, filling station, 1938

Commercial Street, circa 1888

Commercial Street, view to east, circa 1915

Entering Waynesville, circa 1920

Entering Waynesville, 1943

Entering Waynesville, 1951

J. B Christeson General Merchandise, circa 1910

J. R. Burchard Hardware and Harness, circa 1912

Mitchell's Store, circa 1930

Mrs. Nathan Wheeler's store and south side, circa 1912

North side, circa 1949

South side, circa 1910

South side, circa 1950

West side

Rock Tavern, George Reed home

Soldiers on south side of square, 1941

Soldiers on west side of square, 1941