Vintage Images

The vintage pictures in this section are images associated with the Old Stagecoach Stop and Pulaski County. The images in the collection have been donated by individuals or obtained from other cultural heritage institutions and their contributions are generally acknowledged. Many of the pictures have been reproduced in the Old Settlers Gazette, published by the Old Stagecoach Stop Foundation. Some are unpublished images.


Amanda Black's Post Card Collection 1907-1913

Amanda Black (1863-1915) was the daughter of Lewis and Eliza Black. Lewis and Eliza had been in the hotel business in Arlington, Missouri. They bought the Johnson House (aka The Old Stagecoach Stop) in 1894 and changed the name to The Black Hotel. Amanda, who never married, helped with the hotel business and was indispensible to her mother after Lewis died in 1899. From messages on these early post cards, it seems Amanda was one of the very early post card collectors. Because of that, we find it curious that no post card of the Black Hotel has been found. Amanda died in 1915 from pulmonary tuberculosis.

The Amanda Black Post Card Collection was acquired by Virgie Mahan when she operated The Dusty Attic, a flea market on the square in Waynesville. Virgie quickly realized the importance of the collection to the Old Stagecoach Stop Foudation. She donated the collection to the Foundation in 1997, for which we are very grateful. The collection contains 106 post cards.

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    Pulaski County

    The following ephemera are from a variety of sources and contain images of Pulaski County.

    County Seat Removal Advocate pamphlet

    Pippin Place

    1929 Pippin Place Brochure

    1955 Pippin Place Brochure

    Waynesville Square ca. 1887-1950

    George Edward Ingram Photograph Gallery